Laira Leta

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Web Development

I specialize in customizing content management websites, troubleshooting display problems, and optimizing web pages for both the user experience and for search engines.

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Web accessibility means making all the content on your website, including images and videos, available to people with disabilities so they can "participate equally on the web."

WordPress Web Design

Content Management

Since 2010, I have integrated dozens of web designs into various content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, Squarespace™, Drupal™, and HubSpot.

Internet Marketing:


Website Maintenance

Updates, corrections, or redesigns for any website, whether it is hand-coded or built in a CMS.

Hand-coded or Content Management Redesigns

In mobile searches, Google™ penalizes sites that do not adjust to smartphones. A responsive redesign, hand-coded or integrated, is a smart solution.

Browser-Operating System Troubleshooting

Inconsistent display between different browsers-operating system combinations is due to incomplete testing during development or out-dated code.

Search Engine and User Optimization

A website that is properly optimized for search engines and usability is like having a representative who works 24 hours every day to sell your product.

Creative Portfolio:

Ads Photos Art

Writing for the Web

As a technical writer, I know how to produce concise, easy-to-read text for web pages and instructional manuals. As a creative writer, I understand how to keep a reader engaged.

blog writing

Blog Writing

Read blog articles on topics such as tourism, property management, internet marketing, and CMS maintenance.

content writing for tourism

Content Writing

Content offers, such as industry-specific guides and whitepapers, can help build a contact list for email campaigns.