Website Display Corrections

With CSS edits, I can make a website look consistent on any browser-operating system combination.

Desktop Display Corrections

  • hidden navigation
  • overlapping sections
  • poorly spaced headings and text
  • stretched images

Tablet and Smartphone Display Corrections

  • horizontal scrolling
  • text that runs off the screen
  • font sizes and line heights
  • text links that are too close together

Browsers and Operating Systems

Have you ever wondered why some websites look different on different computers?

Inconsistent Display

Some websites, even ones built in a responsive design, might display differently between the many browser-operating system combinations in use. For example, your laptop uses the latest version of Firefox® and your website displays and functions perfectly. However, when you view your siteĀ on your friend's desktop that uses Internet Explorer 9®, the layout is skewed and the navigation submenus are hidden behind the header image. It is a mess. In such cases, developers write code specifically to fix website display problems for particular versions of Internet Explorer and others.

website display corrections
Many websites—even ones built in a responsive design—function poorly due to either incomplete browser testing during development or out-dated code.

Responsive Web Design