WordPress Websites

File Management

As a WordPress manager, I help ensure website security and functionality by performing periodic core file updates, databases backups, usability trials, and browser-operating system tests.


WordPress "plugins" instantly add features to a website, inlcuding slideshows, shopping carts, booking systems, and calculators. Plugins also provide administrative tools such as calendars, contact databases, and analytics.


Open-source CMS platforms, including WordPress, require regular updates to help prevent hacking; to keep up with ever-changing web standards; to receive theme changes; and to ensure plugin compatibility with core files.


Managing a WordPress website requires regular backups of its database, especially before version, theme, or plugins updates. In case a website breaks, the developer can reinstall the latest working version.


  • browser testing
  • WordPress version updates
  • WordPress theme updates
  • WordPress plugin updates and installations

WordPress Training

I enjoy teaching other content creators how to make updates and post content that is optimized for both search and users. With practice, colleagues can easily collaborate on and publish new pages and posts.

Content Management

  • how to publish a page or blog post
  • how to collaborate on an internet marketing campaign
  • how to research long-tail keywords for content topics
  • how to layout content to improve the user experience
  • how to optimize a page or post for search engines, including keyword placement in URLs, meta data, titles, headings, text, and images
  • how to resize and optimize images

Content Management Systems